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glasvegas-newsBy Andy Parker

Glasvegas have thrown their support behind a petition to help support couples in Scotland that suffer from miscarriages.

The Scottish group posted the petition on their Facebook page urging their fans to sign it to force a review of NHS Scotland’s policy on the investigation and treatment of couples that can only currently gain help after suffering from three miscarriages.

The message read…

Hi everyone, we are writing this message to you all asking if you could help us out. We know your time is valuable but it would be really really appreciated if you could follow us in supporting this appeal.

In Scotland right now women need to suffer 3 miscarriages before they are offered help from the government. We want to change current government policy so that all women who suffer a miscarriage can be supported straight away.

The aim of this appeal is crucial as it can potentially create positive change and bring hope to the future families of Scotland

Please use the link below to sign the petition and help to make this change.

love James, Jonna, Rab & Paul x

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