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Our fertility management programme is a natural and empowering method used to identify the best time in your cycle to achieve pregnancy. You will learn how to understand your individual pattern of fertility and how to achieve pregnancy. You can also learn how to avoid pregnancy while you are preparing yourself for it too.

Fertility Management has a 97%-99% success rate as a method of contraception when compared with the pill at 97%-99.5%. It can be used by all women whether or not your cycle is regular and at any stage during your fertile life.

Our fertility management method is taught by our own trained fertility management counsellors and it is an easy method to learn.


  • You can achieve pregnancy quickly
  • There are no physical side effects
  • Can be used by women who have an Irregular cycle
  • No hormones or physical devices are used
  • Improves your understanding of your own fertility
  • Can be used to plan or avoid pregnancy

Project Fertility – We ask that you to make a one off donation of £20 to learn this method.