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Some of the woman we have helped over the years have kindly written some words about how our counselling helped them.

Annette & James’s Story

James and I hadn’t planned for a baby but when we found out we were expecting in August 2007, we were scared and excited at the same time. Unfortunately, my pregnancy was ectopic and it ended in me losing my baby and my left Fallopian tube.

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Alexs’s Story

Our journey began properly in May 2014 after 4 years of taking the laid back “if it happens, it happens” approach my husband and I finally started properly trying for a baby. We fell pregnant that month whilst on holiday in Mexico and couldn’t believe our luck but unfortunately we miscarried at 6 weeks.

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Heather’s Story

I always felt I was a happy, smiley, emotionally strong person, until I experienced my first two loses (twins). Sadness just filled me up and I felt heartbroken. I found life difficult especially when a close friend was pregnant at the same time.

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Claire’s Story

A tiny side room ushered away from all the other bumps and parents to be. Here’s a leaflet there’s nothing we can do.
Sit here quietly until you’re ready to leave
But exit out the side door so no one else can see.

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Joanne’s Story

Gareth and I started out counselling in April 2010. We were just back from a holiday in Australia and Dubai, which should have been wonderful but 3 days before we flew out I found out I was miscarrying, my 6th miscarriage and 8th pregnancy loss, having also suffered 2 ectopic pregnancies. I still remember speaking to my counsellor for the first time and arranging our first counselling session.

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Nicole’s Story

Over the Easter weekend last year we miscarried, it was and still is the most heart breaking thing I have had to go through. I wasn’t aware of how physically painful it was going to be. The hospital I have to say were not much help, so there I was left alone, mentally unstable, immersed in grieve and in a lot of physical pain. Thankfully my husband recognized I needed help and asked around and contacted SCIM.

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Mari’s Story

I was asked if could share my story by my counsellor from Miscarriage Support and to explain if counselling worked? One simple word “Yes”. 2009 was the hardest year of my life, yet it was also a massive breakthrough year that changed my life and attitude towards life forever.

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Amber’s Story

I was apprehensive about phoning and didn’t really know what to say. I dialled the number and spoke to the lady on the other end of the phone, I’m sure I asked if they could still help me as I hadn’t suffered a miscarriage I had lost my daughter at a later stage, but she re-assured me that they could and arranged for me to meet with a lady the following week.

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