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scottish care & information on miscarriage

Maureen supported us through a number of miscarriages and fertility treatments. I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without her advice and understanding. I know in my heart I would not have had the courage to ‘try again’ because I was simply shattered through grief, and we were extremely lucky when I gave birth to our son Jack in Nov 2011. This courage inspired us to ‘try again’ and Hannah was born in Sept 2013. A truly wonderful organization, with amazing people at its heart and core xxx - Joanne Thompson

Sadly I lost 3 babies in 2011, after losing my twins in June I reached out to Miscarriage Support for support as I was in bits, I was given support and help through my grief but also made a lovely friend in Maureen too. She helped me through a dark time not once but twice when I lost another baby in December of that year. I cannot praise them enough and would definitely recommend Miscarriage Support if you have the misfortune of going through a loss”, it doesn’t stop hurting and you miss your baby but you learn that life moves on and how to cope with your emotions as it does. I gave birth to Logan in September 2013, he brings us so much joy and is even more special to us because of our losses, we cherish him every day x - Lee McKeddie

Miscarriage Support gave me vital support after my daughter was born sleeping at 40 weeks, without Maureen’s help I’m not sure how I would have coped. She also saw me right through my next pregnancy which was a very anxious time. Miscarriage Support gave me vital support after my daughter was born sleeping at 40 weeks, without their help I’m not sure how I would have coped. Their service is amazing, highly recommended. - Amber Cully

After my first troubled but successful pregnancy I suffered 3 miscarriages, before turning to Miscarriage Support where I got the help and support that I desperately needed. Sadly I went on to have a further 2 miscarriages but with the support from Miscarriage Support I had the strength to carry on and have my second daughter. Without Miscarriage Support I doubt I would have my 2 princesses and my happy ever after ending. I am eternally grateful to Miscarriage Support and Maureen. - Fiona Todd

After losing our much wanted baby I was in a horrible place with grief, pain and loneliness. Miscarriage Support put me back together I would recommend this service to others” it allows you the space to grieve but makes you stronger after. We haven’t been able to achieve another pregnancies but I have the strength to keep trying and more importantly enjoy my life again. - Nicole Hogg