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Counselling Training

Miscarriage Support Training & Assessment Centre is an award winning training centre through SQA and are currently offering a telephone counselling training opportunity for volunteers, midwives and counsellors, who have an interest in miscarriage support or general counselling support and are eligible to do so through the ILA scheme. Should you not be eligible for ILA then the cost for the training would be £200.

If you are interested in this training opportunity you should contact ILA directly on: 0808 100 1090 to register with them, they will explain the process to you. Once you have established that you are eligible for the scheme and have registered then you should get back to us with your registration number and let us know so that we can then put you on our system too and arrange a start date for the training.

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity then contact
Liz or Maureen on: 0141 552 5070

Consultancy Service to Professionals

Our 20 years extensive experience means we will understand what you do, what you need to do, how your need can be practically achieved, and how best that need can be integrated into your working practice.

Miscarriage Support’s consultancy service is designed to offer assistance to professionals who are seeking to improve their practice when working with families who have suffered miscarriage. Bereaved parents have an expectation that their medical experience will match their needs when they miscarry. However they report that it is not always their experience.

We will use our broad range knowledge from counselling, evaluations, research and working in communities across Scotland to help analyse and advise your organisation on the best way forward. We aim to assist you in identifying the most appropriate and practical improvements possible.

Our consultants are qualified advice and guidance practitioners offering quality guidance to health service providers and professionals which best matches the patients’ needs in an effort to achieve the best possible patient care. Miscarriage Support have a long record in helping professionals make good decisions about miscarriage practice. Health care staff and service users report the benefits of our consultancy service.

Without your service there would be a big black hole  Senior Midwife

Our aim is to provide the best advice, training and guidance for working in and maintaining a high standard of service delivery. By working with our friendly team of advisors you too can benefit from the unique range of services offered directly by Miscarriage Support consultants.

For further information on our services and fees
contact: Liz or Maureen on: 0141 552 5070